2nd International Scientific Conference on Resveratrol and Health

Dates: 5 to 7 December, 2012
Location: University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

Resveratrol2012 brings together the leading profiles from across the world to collect and summarize last year's scientific work in the area of resveratrol.

The conference will produce a selection of reports with the latest updates on global resveratrol research, as well as recommendations for the coming year's scientific research and the use of resveratrol.

The recommendations from the Resveratrol2010 conference can be found at PLoS ONE: What Is New for an Old Molecule? Systematic Review and Recommendations on the Use of Resveratrol

Presentations are also available as chapters in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol  1215 and as conference videos.

Topics to be covered at the conference:

  1. Resveratrol and cancer
  2. Resveratrol and coronary-heart disease
  3. Resveratrol and diabetes
  4. Resveratrol and osteoporosis
  5. Resveratrol and neuroprotection
  6. Resveratrol and longevity
  7. Resveratrol and inflammation
  8. Delivery, absorption and metabolism of resveratrol
  9. Combinatory effect of resveratrol and other components
  10. Regulation of autophagy by resveratrol
  11. Naturally occurring resveratrol and derivatives
  12. New in vivo models for testing resveratrol
  13. Resveratrol: products and markets

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Resveratrol 2014 - The third international conference on resveratrol will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii. We look forward to see you there, and to share the newest science and knowledge about resveratrol as well. Here you can meet the leading scientists in resveratrol R&D as well as the companies with interest in this fascinating compound.

Visit www.resveratrol2014.com for updates.

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